Dear Benefactors

I would like to thank you very much for your great heart and the care you constantly show to the victims of the war in Ukraine. Thanks for your help, we are not helpless in the face of the tragedy of so many inhabitants of the regions of the country in which we serve as the Congregation The Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette. Thanks to the funds that have been received by the account.  of our La Salette Mission Office, practically from the first days of the war, we were able to help in the evacuation of civilians from areas directly affected by military operations. To this day, we help internal migrants by organizing food aid in our parishes and financing humanitarian aid transports. We finance the purchase of medicines, especially for the elderly and people who found themselves in a hopeless financial situation due to the war.

Bearing in mind the inhabitants of the regions in which we work, our activities are now also focused on helping the population living in the areas of the Kherson and Donetsk districts, which have been under Russian occupation for several months. As far as possible, we try to organize transports of food, drinking water, warm clothes, quilts, blankets, etc. If necessary, we co-finance the purchase of power generators for large families and for medical centers that are currently resuming their activities. We also financed the purchase of a submersible pump, enabling the supply of water to several streets in one of the towns located near Kherson.

We are aware that the help we provide is possible only thanks to Your generosity, often paid for by serious sacrifices. I would like to thank very much for this, conveying at the same time words of great gratitude to all the people we meet every day while providing aid organized thanks to your victims.

 Assuring of our prayer, I would also like to wish all the best for the upcoming Christmas. Jesus came into the world choosing the poverty of the Bethlehem stable and the coldness of the stone manger. The necessary warmth was provided by the maternal arms of Mary and the warm, kind heart of St. Joseph. Even in difficult times, without electricity and heating, today we feel the same, extraordinary warmth that flows from so many hearts of our Benefactors.

May the upcoming Christmas holidays also be an opportunity for you to feel God’s goodness as much as possible, which is revealed in the heart of another person. I wish you a healthy, peaceful Christmas full of hope and may the newborn Jesus bless you and reward you a hundredfold for the good we have experienced from you.

Fr. Tomasz Krzeminski MS
director of the Mission Office